• Jun 26 2021
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CHANCE TO REPRESENT YOUR STATE. UNDER - 6, UNDER - 10                           (Event Date - 26/06/2021)  Subscribe our YouTube channel to get the scrambling algorithm on June 26th 2021 at 8.30am  Video upload link will be active on 26-06-2021 from 9 AM : UNDER - 14, UNDER - 18                                 (Event Date -  27/06/2021) Subscribe our YouTube channel to get the scrambling algorithm on June 27th 2021 at 8.30am  Video upload link will be active on 27-06-2021 from 9 AM :  

Category list

  • Snake Cube
  • 2x2 Cube
  • 3x3 cube
  • 4x4 Cube
  • Pyraminx
  • Megaminx
  • 2x2 Mirror
  • 3x3 Mirror
  • Skewb

1.TNCA ID is compulsory to fill the registration form. TNCA ID can be generated on

2. There is a separate category for boys and girls, All the participants will receive E-certificate, and winners will receive trophies & Medals through courier. (Courier charges should be paid separately)

3.Registered participants have to send the video of cube solving for the given scrambling Algorithm on given dates.

4.Top 10 Participants will be shortlisted based on the best cube-solving timing, Minimum of 5 Participants is required for each event. 

5.For shortlisted participants final round will be conducted via zoom.

6.In the final round only one chance will be given to every participant.

7.If there is any network issue judges will decide whether another chance will be given.

8.The final winner list will be announced based on the best timing from each category.

9. In Final round the time will be taken by two time-keepers and average of the
same will be considered as the final time.

10. Judges decision will be final.

11. A participant can participate in all the cubes as per the following norms:

12. Age category
Under-6, Under-10, Under-14, Under- 18

13.Participants have to participate in their age category only.

14. A participant timer should be shown towards the video

15. Participants are requested to keep the Payment Id after paying the entry fees on INSTAMOJO.

16.Last Date Of Registration: - 24.06.2021 By 6:00pm

17.Zoom ID for the online match will be sent by E-mail and WhatsApp.

18.For Finals, participants should have system with web cam, mic. and speakers with stable internet connection (Please avoid use of mobile data).

19.Top 3 in each category for the winners trophies will be sent through courier. Participants will get E- certificate for the tournament.

20.On June 05th & June 06th scrambling algorithm will be announced at 8:00 am on the TamilNadu Cube Association website & Youtube channel
Participants have to upload the video of solving the cube by using given scrambling algorithm before 11.30pm on same day.

21.(In the video Participant should mention his/her Name and Age category and at the time of solving the cube, the participant should be visible in the video while solving the cube)