• Nov 17 2019
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  • Kangaroo kids International Preschool, 11th Main Road, No:2204, 7th St, AF Block, Anna Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600040

Tournament Schedule for each category/ (Time Control: 60 minutes each) Reporting Time:2.00 P.M. (17.11.2019)  Under 18 category (for both boys and girls) Starting time  2.00 P.M  Ending time 3.00 P.M. Under 6 category (for both boys and girls) Starting time  3.00 P.M  Ending time 4.00 P.M. CUBE EVENTS FOR UNDER 6 CATEGORY (SELECT ANY 2) SNAKE CUBE 2X2 CUBE 3X3 CUBE PYRAMID CUBE EVENTS FOR UNDER 18 CATEGORY (SELECT ANY 2) 2X2 CUBE 3X3 CUBE PYRAMID CUBE PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: 4.00P.M  TO  5.00 P.M (17.11.2019) System of play The tournament shall be play under the rules and regulations of Tamil Nadu Cube Association. Totally three rounds will be given among that all the three timing will be considered for average. Totally 10 seconds will be given for each player for observation without turning the cubes.   Tie-break If the players get same timing, rematch will be conducted.

Category list

  • 3x3 pyramid Cube
  • 3x3 Cube
  • 2x2 Cube


  • Students must assemble at sharp 2.00Pm at the venue and ends at 5.00pm.
  • Prizes will be distributed on same date at 4.00 pm. In each category only top 3 places will be considered.
  • Students must bring their own tournament materials
  • Students must maintain proper discipline at the tournament
  • Delegate discussion shall be final and bending on all.
  • In the tournament, if the boys category has only one players, then that round will be consider for both boys and girls over all for prize distribution.
  • The tournament will be conducted for boys and girls separately in category wise.
  • No lower age group players are allowed to play in high age group category.
  • Last date of entry:16.11.2019
  • Entry fees can be paid through
  • Strictly no spot registration.
  • Registration of Players:
  • TNCA Player’s Registration is compulsory.  TNCA player Registration fee is Rs.150/- for the year 2019-2020. Players registering with TNCA should submit duly filled and signed by TNCA Players Registration form along with a copy of their Date of Birth certificate and one passport size photograph. The date of birth certificates registered within one year of the birth of the Player alone will be recognized and allowed to participate
  • Entries without TNCA registration will be rejected.
  • Tournament Regulation: The latest TNCA rules in force shall apply in the entire tournament.
  • There is a competitive limit of 100 competitors.
  • The players cannot change the event once the registration is closed.
  • In each round participants should be at least 5 participants, and then only the round will be considered. If they are no participants in any of the category the round will be cancelled.


  • All the Participants will receive participant’s certificate.