K. Nithilan.       *Young student from Dharshan Academy- Nithilan becomes  World Record holder at the age - Seven.*       K. Nithilan -  a resident of Anna Nagar studies Rubik's cube from R.Chandrika Cube- World Master of cube & President of TNCA, Dharshan Academy Anna Nagar. K. Nithilan was  taught how to solve Rubik's cube and there he was also trained and. expertised  in solving cube and he made world record in solving 9 types of Rubik's cube that includes 2*2, pyramid, skewb, 3*3, cylinder, 3*3 mirror, 2*3*3 windmill, square one cube, 2*2 mirror etc.. in least time.      He made this record in front of great panel of jury Mrs. Radhika- Principal of SBOA School. Mr. Alexander. V- MLA of Ambattur and stunt master Samson.      Nithilan was awarded record from India book of Records. The entire crowd congratulated Nithilan and his trainer R. Chandrika Cube for their extraordinary work.