Mr. VASANTH has promoted various social causes and appeared as the joint secretary for the Tamil Nadu Cube Association. his role of the Secretary is to support the Chair in ensuring the smooth functioning towards the Management Committee. He is responsible for Ensuring meetings are effectively organized. Maintaining effective records and administration of meeting.

R. Bindu Priyanka






Dr. R. CHANDRIKA, World Master of cube. She is very dynamic and an enthusiastic individual who brings confidence initially among children and she brings a fresh outlook for solving different kinds of cube through easy formulas. Being a enthusiastic women born in India, she grew up with Rubik’s cube which is India’s famous selling toy in todays world. She prepares formula’s for the upcoming generation to solve the cubes faster. She receives the BEST SOCIAL SERVICE AWARD  from Mrs. LATHA RAJINIKANTH  for teaching cubes in the rural areas and her method of teaching cubes to kids is highly unique. Dr.R.Chandrika holds the powerful position of being the PRESIDENT in TAMIL NADU CUBE ASSOCIATION. And she holds 3 National Records and 3 World Records of India in the year 2017 - 2019.    



Mr. R. Anand is an enthusiastic personality. Master in chess at Dharshan academy as a role that garnered him as an Academy Head and his recognition and lead him to starring roles in more ways as he takes up the position ofChairman in Maniya Events . And the position of Treasurer in Tamil Nadu Cube Association.. He soon started Receiving many offers fro om schools like Alagappa school, and his outcome were successful, in which he played a supporting part. Mr. Anand was subsequently played major roles of the company to his successes that established his career in Tamil Nadu. In 2018, He continued to establish a reputation in direction of many events