Most people solving Pyraminx cube simultaneously online & offline in Ingenious Charm World Records

  • Nov 26 2023
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  • 4500
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Offline Venue - Chennai ( will be announced soon ) 

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  • Pyraminx

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1 Week Practice session will be given to all the participants before the event.

1. All participants must be equipped with their own standard rotating puzzle cube.

2. All rotating puzzle cubes must be commercially available.

3. All participants’ cubes must be in a fully scrambled state before the start of the attempt. It is

recommended that state generators approved by the WCA (World Cube Association) are used.

4. Participants must hold their cubes up to their cameras before the start of the attempt so

that it is clear to see that they have been scrambled with no sides pre-completed. Participants those who join for offline event same rules to be followed. More in detail we will give the guideline in the event hall.

5. A loud start and finish signal recognized by all participants must be used. Upon hearing the

start signal, participants must begin solving their rotating puzzle cubes simultaneously.

6. Only completed cubes may be counted towards the final total.

7. At the end of the 1minute, any participant who has not successfully solved their rotating

puzzle cube will be deducted from the final total.

8. The participants must not receive physical help solving their cubes, but they can receive

advice from other online and offline participants or from organizers.

9. Participants who have finished their cube before the 1minute has finished may make

the organizers and other participants aware. They must show their completed cube to an

independent witness or steward monitoring the event before they leave.. Any

person leaving before the 1minute is up without a completed cube will be deducted

from the final total.

10. Event starts at 10am - 1pm

11. If students are participating from other state expect Tamilnadu they have to come for the event to collect the certificates and trophies or else they have to pay for the courier and then they can collect there certificate and trophies.

12. Courier charges should be paid separately for dispatching certificates and trophy