Our objective is to provide brisk, bold and brilliant young minds to the society by exercising and enhancing their minds with both traditional and modern activities with the combination of innovative and proven techniques! Our primary vision is to lead not only as a Tamil Nadu cube association but also as a responsible body which provides intellectual and a responsible young generation to the society, with intellect and moral values with the sense of responsibility towards the society and the value towards the younger minds.

The Tamil Nadu Cube Association conducts competition all over the Tamil Nadu. Our mission of TNCA is to have more fun with solving puzzles.

Which is more popularly called as Rubik’s Cube, It triggers the spirit of people to solve the puzzles. Solving the puzzles will indirectly help the brain to exercise and it becomes sharper; Rubik’s cube benefit is to improve in the way of spatial thinking. Rubik’s cube is a magical puzzle, which will coordinate eyes brain and hands to work together at a same time. It improves your concentration and ensures that you are able to process your thoughts faster. By solving this Rubik’s cube they will have more fun with creativity.

By solving this Rubik’s cube they will have more fun with creativity.
  • To initiate and promote the brain development activities for kids and for the well being of the younger generations, with specific reference to weaker and economically poor sector of children by arranging summer camps, educating them with the importance of brain development activities.
  • To bring out the hidden talents from children and show it to the world through record breaks which really inspires the younger generation
  • To conduct training and skill development programs to uplift the socially and economically backward sectors of the society.
  • To spread awareness on moral and fundamental responsibilities as a citizen of India.
  • We conduct events for young generation through life-supporting skills including Problem solving and spatial thinking etc.
  • To publish books, periodicals, leaflets, brochures, concept papers and e- magazines for the promotion of cube.
  • To promote academics of excellence and career guidance for all the sectors.