• It is a must for the contestant to be on time for the tournament.
  • 10 Sec of time will be given for analyzing the cube before starting the game. Graze time of 5 Sec will also be given before starting the game.
  • Don’t start the game without the timer.
  • The contestant is not available by the said time he or she will be considered only for the next round.
  • If anyone does illegal (they are meant to be disqualified).
  • Any misbehavior of the contestant will not be taken for granted. They will be considered disqualified.
  • The corners of the cubes are meant to be turned well if twisted it is considered as disqualified.
  • If more than one part with one colored face is not solved, the puzzle is considered unsolved (DNF).
  • If the cube is broken while solving, you will not be provided with the new cube.
  • The judge's decision would be final.
  • Don’t open the box in which the cube is placed until your ready, which is designed by scrambler (formula being used)
  • The start time and end time would be according to the Indian standard time, a clock will be placed and the time would be calculated as per the shown time.
  • Competitors may use cameras at the solving place
TNCA Membership
  • TNCA ID card is available through online you can get into our website https://imjo.in/nM4eRz  and register for participating the tournament and there is a yearly renewal for the Id.
  • If the ID is not created you can get the TNCA ID while attending the tournament.
  • Take care of your things; we at TNCA are not responsible for your belongings so kindly stay safe
  • If the CUBE is not brought to the tournament, you can get one from our side provided, we would offer you a new cube with a cost of Rs 500 as a caution deposit. You can receive the amount while returning the CUBE.
  • The contestant should obey the rules and regulations of TNCA else we will disqualify them and no refund would be give